Hotel & Restaurant Kranichsberg
Woltersdorf bei Berlin


Historic pictures


 The following pictures are historic postcards, which the „Woltersdorfer Verschönerungsverein“ (WVV) was so nice to supply to us.  link

History of „Hotel & Restaurant Kranichsberg“

The following facts base on the building department's documents and contemporary witness' statements. Many dates are taken from those documents, that however only show when and by who a building activity was requested.

1889 Operator Ferdinand Sahm / The first entry in the building department of Wolterdorf shows, that the house's material was changed. That lets conclude, that the building has been existing long before already. Plans show, that parts of the house were used by the water management. That area of the house became a residence later and probably was used as a hotel by then as well.

 Around 1913 Hermann and Erna Günther „Hotel zum Kranichsberg“ / They requested the addition of the room for events as well as the enlargement of the kitchen to the yardside. More building measures in the areas yard and former bowling alley took place in the following decades.

 1943 building request by Mr. Fritz Hirth to build an emergency shelter with the Günther's agreement.

 1958 Cotton spinning Leipzig / The owner used the „Kranichsberg“ as a vacation home for their coworkers, especially during summer.

 1958 College for economy Bruno Leuschner Berlin / The college used the „Kranichsberg“ during winter for courses.

 1967 The former bowling alley becomes the administration building.

 1987/88 Due to the increasing need to accomondate more course participants,            a new building is planned and replaces the administration building.

 1994  The new owner does a complete renovation of the hotel, followed by the restart of the hotel business. Different owners follow until the Fitzner GmbH runs the hotel from 2001 onward.

 2014 Deutrich Hotel enterprise GmbH / With the change of the operating authority, extensive renovations take place, especially of the restaurant area, the event area and the summer terrace.